We Need to Fight!

It happened. Just yesterday, the FCC voted to kill net neutrality and break the Internet as we know it.

But we’re not done fighting—not even close.

The fight now moves to Congress, which has 60 legislative days to overturn the FCC’s decision once the order takes effect. We’re launching an all-out campaign to convince a majority in the House and Senate to vote to overrule this outrageous giveaway to Comcast and Verizon.

We’re in a good position to make this happen.The majority of House Republicans did not endorse a letter supporting the FCC’s repeal. And in the Senate we may be starting as close as 50/50, given that Susan Collins issued a letter opposing the agency’s decision.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai may want to give his former employer Verizon the right to throttle speeds and charge new fees to websites and apps, but the American people disagree—and Congress has the power under the Congressional Review Act to overrule that decision.

That’s why we’ve been mobilizing pressure on Congress for weeks by driving over a million calls to lawmakers as part of a growing grassroots backlash, and why with your help we’ll keep up the pressure right up to the deadline for Congress to act.

And even if Congress fails to act, we STILL won’t stop. The battle for net will simply continue on other fronts:

  • We will bring the fight to the courts by supporting lawsuits challenging the FCC’s ruling.
  • We will convince more lawmakers to join the 6 Republicans who have already opposed the FCC’s plan.
  • We’ll make sure voters know where their members of Congress stand on net neutrality so they can act accordingly on Election Day.

This is a moment we hoped we’d be able to stop, or delay. But this is our pledge to you: We will not let Comcast and Verizon kill the free and open Internet, and we won’t stop until the Internet that we love is safe.