Monterrey is culinarily famous for cabrito, goat roasted on a spit. It’s the purest way to eat the animal. They take a suckling goat and brine it in salt water and put in on a spit over hot coals. No extra spices or flavorings. If you’re not used to the taste of goat, it might be a bit strong. But for those of us who like strong flavors, it’s heaven from first bite to the bone. The innards are made into a sort of mexican haggis, only difference being that it has no other fillers and instead of being stuffed into the stomach of the animal, it is wrapped with the intestines. What you get is a mummy-like wrapped potato-shaped sausage with big chunks of meaty bits inside. It’s served as an appetizer but hands down my favorite part of the meal, and the only other thing I got from the restaurant I went to. 

I wasn’t too hungry so I got beef sweetbreads and the machitos. Let me preface with the fact that I didn’t go to the restaurant that was recommended to me because it was closed for their holiday party. I went to El Regio, where the service was terrible, the tip was illegally attempted to be included, and their food was simply “ok”. I’d go as far as say that if it’s your last choice, just cut your losses and miss your chance at having cabrito. I even forgot to take a picture of the sweetbreads since the presentation was even worse than the machitos. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a new post with the restaurant I was supposed to go to.