Monterrey, NL, Mexico

Not the Monterey in California. The real Monterrey, where the food is great, the women beautiful, and the beer is plenty. First stop, a breakfast joint that seems like it’s been stuck in time since the 70s. Since it was breakfast time, I got the menudo, spicy tripe soup. Known for its ability to cure a hangover. Then surprise surprise, goat head! 

The head was a lot smaller than I was expecting, not sure why I was imagining something twice as big. It doesn’t seem like it was seasoned much. Upon asking, they told me it’s just dunked in a saltwater brine and grilled on a spit. The cheek was a bit dryer, smaller, and chewier than I would like but it’s to be expected from a grill. The tongue was so great in a flour tortilla with onion and guacamole, got two tacos out of it. The brain had that typical mineral flavor with its creamy texture, and I ate it with onions for that contrasting texture with tomato salsa on a tortilla. Here in the North of Mexico, flour tortillas are king with good reason. No idea how they make them but they’re delicious. One thing I had never eaten in this presentation is the eyes. I had to really dig in to the socket with a knife and spoon to get them out, they were very much attached. I was told to discard the black (iris? Pupil?) part since it’s not very good and just resembles plastic. It was a messy process, juices squirting out and the eye falling apart from butchering it. It was definitely not a pretty sight. Verdict? Not too much there, fatty and resembling marrow without the unctuousness. I’d eat it again but not seek it out.