Hiding Behind a Shitty Name

Soup Dumplings Plus is a chinese restaurant in one of those rundown mini malls with nothing else. The name is the most generic name one could think of but the food is great.

Cold jellyfish salad is crunchy, chewy, full of flavor. I used to love it as a child until I realized what it was. Then I went on a few year stint where it would make me gag, but I’m glad I got over it and I love it again.

Szechuan style beef cheek and face salad is spicy, and full of delicious textures. Very garlicky as well.

I’m not going to mention the doughy noodles or the soup dumplings, which are soupy and delicious, but I’ll move on to the fish head soup.

I didn’t know what to expect from the fish head soup but definitely didn’t expect so much depth and flavor. It almost tasted like oxtail soup, a tinge lighter and slightly sweeter in a flavorful way. It came with short clear noodles. The noodles didn’t have much flavor but it gave your mouth something to do while slurping the broth. And the fish head exactly what you’d expect, not that much meat, lots of small bones, but oh so delicious. Some of the meat was flaky, some of it fatty.

If it wasn’t for the blog, I wouldn’t have gotten it but I’m very glad I did. Would recommend.