Fried Food Friday

Street markets pop up everywhere in Mexico on different days of the week, the one in Condesa sets up every Friday and it spans three blocks long with dozens of  stands. Most of them are food stands since the crowd that comes is usually nearby office workers. 

The very first stand smells of grease, it permeates the air around, it smells delicious. Carnitas is confit pork bits, slow cooked in simmering lard. The pinnacle of healthful eating.

The options on the board are shank, macisa (butt), ear, skin, snout. Of course I got one of each to take away. They build the tacos with two tortillas each, pile them up on styrofoam plates, top them with cilantro and chopped onion, and pack them in plastic bags. 

They all taste pretty much the same but the texture is different, the skin is sticky, not crunchy like when fried at higher temperatures. Sticky in a good way, all that collagen thick like a savoury gummy bear. The ear’s cartilage deliciously crunchy, not as much as chicken wing cartilage, but just enough to give it a good chewing sensation. 

Everything else was chopped a bit too small to notice the difference. I couldn’t tell which was the snout and which was the butt. Never the less, the flavor was on point. Now I just need to get some antacids for all this grease and salsa burning a hole in my stomach.