Taco Tuesday

The mood in Condesa, Mexico City is gloomy at best. There’s still wreckage from the earthquake almost a month after it happened. Businesses are getting back on their routines and people line up at the corner of Amsterdam Ave. to eat “tacos de guisado”, or stew tacos.

The small hole in the wall makes about a dozen different stews that they serve as tacos, topped with cotija cheese, rice, and or beans. Everyday pretty much the same stews and people line up to eat here, mostly office workers from around.

The liver tacos taste very strongly of oregano, not really masking the taste of the liver, but giving it a different bite to it. Not a texture thing, but flavor-wise.

Chicharron is a basic stew I love, easy to make and full of flavor. It’s pork rinds that have been fried until puffy then stewed in a green tomatillo sauce. Tangy, a tad bitter, and full of flavor.

The menu said it was haggis, but it’s more of a black pudding/sausage. Too meaty to be pudding, not meaty enough to be sausage. This is definitely not for the offal novice. Starting with the looks, looks like hash in black ink. The smell is spicy and minerally and the taste is equally as strong as its smell. Very meaty and minerally. Delicious.

Still felt hungry so I got a couple more tacos. Beef in pasilla pepper sauce was not too exciting and needed salt but I saw Milkweed on the menu. I don’t think I’ve ever had that but the name “quelites” attracted me. It was a little patty of egg washed leafy vegetables. Tasted like a combination of chard and spinach. Wouldn’t order again.

Right as I was finishing a homeless guy came up and tried to pick a fight with one of the workers. Time for me to bounce! The five tacos and a hibiscus sweet drink was 100 pesos, approximately 7 US Dollars.