Yum on a Stick

Why is it that late at night I always find myself in St. Mark’s Place? This time at Oh Taisho Yakitori. A cornucopia of offal here with dishes I had never had before. Yakitori is japanese for deliciousness on a stick… in your face, rough translation. I started with some dishes of octopus balls. Let me rephrase, balls filled with octopus. These are called takoyaki and they are sold as street food in japan, they are topped with sauces and bonito flakes. I accompanied this with a new-to-me dish called Mozuku Tororo, apparently it’s ‘healthy mozuku seaweed with grated yam and salmon roe’. It was… interesting, vinegary, slimy, and the yam and roe didn’t help much. I don’t think I’ll get it again but it was a good experience.

Of course I had to get the chicken gizzards served in a hot pan with garlic and olive oil. Not much to say here, the gizzard were the right kind of chewy with out being overly tough, even for gizzard.

The chicken liver in sweet-sour black vinegar was great. It sat on a bed of cabbage and was topped with green onion. Super flavorful and the vinegar cut down on the strong game taste of the liver.

Cold roast duck might have been the dish with the most potential, served on a lettuce and onion salad and topped with fried garlic chips. The flavor was spot on and the salad paired perfectly with the duck. The only problem was that the duck was a bit dry. A juicy, perfectly medium rare duck would have been great.

Good thing I can put away food because nobody helped me with the livers or gizzards. I had to get some yakitori since that’s what the restaurant is known for. I got myself some chicken skin and my favorite, chicken hearts. I guess it balances out where one is pure fat and the other one is lean as can be. A rounded out meal.

Speaking of rounded out meals, dessert consisted of baked camembert cheese topped with some orange mermelade. It tasted more like apricot jam. Difference? Mermelade is made with the peel and jam isn’t. All in all, it was a delicious meal that I would be glad to come back to if I need more of the chicken skin skewers.