Raw Crab

Late dinner at Gaya Garden in Leonia, NJ. My brother had been craving ‘gaejang’ all week and he somehow brought it up in every conversation we had. ‘Gaejang’ is a korean dish of raw blue crab marinated in a garlicky, spiced, delicious soy sauce mixture. The crab is dismantled and cleaned, leaving three pieces, the two meaty halves with their respective claws and legs and the shell with some of the innards and roe still attached. The order comes with what seemed like 6 crabs, definitely enough for 4 people considering they give you soups, rice, and korean accoutrements called ‘banchan’. The sauce coats all the pieces just enough to make it slightly salty and full of flavor. The shells sit at the bottom of the plate with sauce pooled inside, ready to be filled with rice and scraped of their delicious innards. This dish is one I love but am never comfortable preparing on my own. My mother could teach me but she has a vendetta against the crabs. Might have something to do with a crab getting a hold of her finger last time she made this dish. Stupid delicious crab.