Late Night in the Streets of Mexico City

30 years! There’s a quesadilla stand that sets up every single night in front of a church on Parroquia Ave. at the south of Mexico City and they’ve been doing it for more than thirty years. I’m sure there’s other ones that have been around longer but this is the one I walked into last night.

It’s a common misconception that quesadillas have cheese in them. And it’s not just non-Mexicans that think that, it’s the great debate among “Chilangos” and people from “provincia” (everyone outside CDMX [Mexico City]). I’m gonna put the definitive hammer that quesadillas do not have cheese in them unless you ask for it.

What I ate: Quesadillas with no cheese. Not even made with a tortilla. Just “masa”, a corn dough that’s used for everything from making tortillas to thickening soups or even drinks. It is flattened, filled with whatever filling, and then closed shut like a pirogi. Then it is fried in this makeshift shallow fryer until it is golden delicious. Once out, they pile on the fixin’s. This time I went with “sesos” (brains), “tripa” (tripe), and huitlacoche, a kind of fungus that grows on corn, all of them topped with crema, cheese, and salsa. Delish!

I had to go back for a “gordita” when I saw the person next to me happily devour hers. A gordita is essentially a “fatty”, a flat-ish round disk filled with refried beans and, this time, chicharron (pork rind). Right when I thought I was done, I got a tostada (crispy tortilla topped) with pickled pork knuckles.

Next time you stumble by one of these institutions of fried culinary amazingness, stop by and enjoy some quesadillas.