The Bao

Who doesn’t love the East Village? With its delicious restaurants and gypsies trying to touch you with their dirty hands. It’s always exciting to walk around here. I finally went to The Bao after a friend kept telling me it was pretty good, and pretty good it was! Not expensive at all, and the finger baos were surprisingly soupful despite their adorable size. The dan-dan noodles, even though I forgot to snap a picture until almost done, were nice and chewy with good flavor. But you didn’t come to read about noodles and mini soup dumplings.

Where’s the offal, you say? I found some great pork knuckles. Spicy, sticky, cartilage-y, and cut to the perfect size to just go at it with your hands or maybe even pop it in your mouth and just spit the bones out.

It was a pleasant surprise and I would definitely eat here again if I was in the area. I’ll admit I’ll probably crave some takoyaki from across the street before the pork knuckles, though.